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Buying a property in Spain can differ from what you are used to back home, but decades of experience of the Perla team ensures you a smooth and safe journey through the whole buying process. 

We only offer properties that fulfill our high-quality standards, as well as having only the best qualified and most experienced employees at your service.  At Perla we have an English speaking Spanish lawyer, a certified Icelandic real estate agent, a Spanish certified real estate agent, a Spanish scholar and multilingual staff, who will be more than happy to help you with all your legal and translations needs.

The purchase process starts when you contact us and tell us about your dream property, you can:

  • send us mail at  info@perlainvest.com

  • Call us 0034-96 676 5972 or

  • Come by our office in Villamartin, and we will provide you with all the information you require.

Contact us - Let us be a part of your dream!

New build and resale properties

Once you've found your dream property, a purchase agreement is signed between the buyer and the seller.  The property is then handed over after the signing of the deeds in the Notary's office.  Our team of qualified experts will make this a hassle free experience and assist you in the whole process, including translating the necessary documents from spanish to english. 

If you are unable to attend the signing of the deed in person, and want us to represent you, a power of attorney can easily be done, and our team of attorneys is more than happy to be your representative at your request.

Once the deed has been signed, you will receive an interim copy of the deed called "Copia simple", but the original deed is sent to the property registration office.  After registration of your deeds, it is then sent to the Notary offices where you originally signed them, or if you have a mortgage, it will be sent directly to your bank where you can pick it up at your convenience. 

If the property you buy is at a construction stage when the purchase agreement is done, Perla will oversee the completion of the property and send you regular reports with photographs on the progress of your new home.  And since we were once in your shoes and have great experience in these matters you can depend upon us always keeping you up to date, we know how exciting it can be to wait for your property to be delivered.


We have partnered up with leading Spanish banks that lend up to 70% of the value of the property, for up to 30 years, depending on the age and the income of the buyer.  But as a general rule, borrowers are expected to have repaid the mortgage by the age of 75.  Perla will assist you throughout this process, whether it be legal questions or a translation service you might need.  However, together with a credit application, it is necessary to submit a confirmation of last year's revenues in the form of a tax report, as well as a copy of the payroll and Bank statement for the last three months, some banks might ask you for more documents, but as always we will be there to help you.  The Perla staff will introduce you to your contact in the bank and help you open up a bank account as well as help you with all translations of the general documentation that the bank requests from you to present with a mortgage application.


In general, it is good to assume  that a 10.5% to 15%  extra cost will be added on top of the purchase price of a property, however, that percentage could be a little lower.  These costs are to be paid upon the signing of the deeds and the delivery of the property, but we will of course, give you a more detailed breakdown of the cost of buying your home and answer all questions that you might have.   Below, you can find a estimation of the cost of buying a property in Spain.  Where some costs are a fixed percentage, while others depend on the value of the property, along with borrowing costs, number of pages that need to be notarized etc.: 

Value – added tax on the property:
8 – 10 %
Legal cost – Property Notary cost):
Depends of n°of pages in a legal document. Is in the range of:
700 € - 900 €
Registration cost - Property:
Registration of the property:
400 € - 500 €
Stamp – Duties (AJD):
Applicable to new properties:
1,5 %
Mortgage cost:
1 % - 2 %
Notary cost - Mortgage:
Depends of n° of pages in a legal document. Is in the range of:
700 € - 900 €
Registration cost - Mortgage:
500 € - 600 €
Legal fees:
Legal services ensuring the buyers interests:
1.500 €
NIE number – identification number for foreigners:
You are required to apply for a NIE number if you plan on buying a property in Spain. We make sure this is a quick and easy process.
150 €
Water - & Electricity bills:
This amount varies, depending on if you are buying a new property or a resale.
150 € - 400 €

Operating costs

The annual operating cost of the property can vary, and depends on the size, type and location of the property.  Thus, for example, some property belongs to a certain community of owners with the associated costs of common services, such as maintenance of common property, gardens, swimming pools, etc, while others might not belong to any such communities.  Property taxes may also be different, between towns and provinces, and are calculated by the square footage of each property.  Similar things can be said about water and electricity costs, where the cost depends on the use and the length of stay in the property over the year.

Since the criteria for calculating the operating costs depends on many different factors, here you can see an example of the costs of a €150,000 property on a yearly basis: 

Water, electricity & gas:
900 €– 1400€
250 €– 400€
Community fees:
400 €– 900€
Property taxes & fees (Suma):
200€– 350€
Personal Income Tax (IRNR):
100 € - 300€
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