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Property management

At Perla we are always ready to assist and service our customers and understand from our own experience what it takes to adapt in a new country. Whether you are interested in knowing more about healthcare, how to register a child at a school, apply for a medical certificate, or buy a car, you can always come to us for questions.  We also offer a property management service at a reasonable price. 

Property Management

Once you are in possession of your new property, the Perla team will be happy to offer you our Property Management service.  With this service we aim to be able to help our customers make the most of their dream home and keep it in good condition all year round. 

The Management agreement includes a visit from one of our staff to your property every other week, where we: 

  • Air out the property
  • Clean the terrace and solarium
  • Empty your postbox and either send it to you or put it in the house.
  • Water any plants you ask us to.  

And at the end of every visit we send you an email confirming that your home in Spain is in perfect working order! 

The price for the service contract, including the services mentioned above is 65€, paid in monthly installments. 


At Perla we also offer the following services:

  • If you are planning on doing any renovations on your property we assist you in finding the best builers, requesting a quote etc.
  • We attend the annual community meeting of owners on your behalf, and vote in your name as instructed by you prior to the meeting.  A predetermined fee applies.
  • If you want property to be cleaned before arrival or after departure, Perla offers a cleaning service at a surcharge, depenging on the size of the property and extent of cleaning.  Contact us and get a quote for your property.


If you, as a customer,  need any general information regarding moving and adapting to your new life in Spain, we will gladly provide that service free of charge, such as information about: 

  • Required papers and licenses for moving to Spain
  • How you register a child in school
  • What data is required to apply for a job
  • How to apply for a Spanish medical certificate
  • How to register your address in Spain

You are welcome to send us a question at info@perlainvest.com  , call us during office hours on (0034) 96 676 5972 or just come for a visit at the office  and discuss it with us.




If you or any family member, friend or acquaintance need a rental car during their stay in Spain, you are welcome to contact us.  We at Perla have agreements with safe and affordable car rentals in the region and always do our best to offer a competitive price for our clients.  Send us a question at  info@perlainvest.com  or call our office at (0034) 96 676 5972. 


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